Origin car producer United States, Ford plans to reduce 600 its employs of plant wide at Spain east area because ran down it to see dammed hell first. On 2008, new car sell at downwards Spain 28 percents, this decline is a largest one annual because that state experience its first recession along 15 years. That thing regard global credit sector whereabouts previous have punched property sector. Car manufacturing sector at Spain constitutes greatest at Europe, before while crisis punches just give contribution under 10 percents from output political economies and 15 percents of before export crisis happening global economy can reach averagely upon 20%.

Ford declares for that shift its production that diminimalisir will namely of three as two shift only for Almussafes's region, Valencia. This employ cut back is more emphasized for sincere program, its mean employs which wants ex gratia stop will get compensation from ford. Besides, Ford also reveals that its party is forced to make that decision because marks sense sell decrease at Spain and its rest of European effect economic crisis.

Even such, automotive sector have pointed out cure auspices since commanding announces on May marks sense subsidy as big as 2.000 euro to each rider which wants to buy new cars. But that thing can't bate or just solves partly problem which happen on car manufacturing industry, causing its happening effects labouring cessation mark sense global economic crisis.


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