There are several gain of a liberal economic system, which is:
•Evoking initiative and society creativity in manage economy activity,
since society not necessarily again wait instruction / commando of
•Each free individual has to production resources, one that its following will push
society participation in economics.
•Arise spirit emulation for forward of society.
•Resulting high-quality goods, since marks sense spirit emulation among society.
•Efficiency and tall effectiveness, since each economic action to be gone upon motif
looks for gain.

Besides available gain, there is also umpteen weakness than liberal economic system, are:
•Its happening is emulation frees that unsanitary when bureaucrat it is corrupt.
•Rich society gets rich, one that indigent getting indigent
•There are many its happening monopolizes society
•There are many happening it distortion in economics because resource allocation fault by individual.

Difficult propertied generalization is done, since that free emulation

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