Of many researches at various state, appear efforts behavioral form (monopoly) one that insanitary, disadvantage on economic aspect and also another aspect:
1. Distinguished monopolistic force as ability to determine price will disadvantage people and producer because they shall pay product at the price that tall than if market in a state competitive.
2. Production don't walk efficiently since firm have push to reduce market supply for get tall price. Increase resulting production market monopolistic will inferior than if perfect ala walking market.
3. Economics as a whole will experience deadweight losses of production and also consumption flank.
4. Its appearance is cost which unproductive, as advertising expense, lobbying for meeting production requisition. It is done that firm one will got production capacity pock that is targeted so finally will emerge greater market image.

Anti monopoly can materialize if market in condition perfect emulation, but has to measure up which is: total producer and there are many consumer, no. barrier divides who just for manse and sticking out industry, factors moving freedom industry, and perfect information to prevent adverse selection and hazard's moral.
Acquired monopoly position outrivals healthy not as problem, by condition of investment can come in to who only. And so do for party what does get monopoly natural's ala, are not because government application, but since no that brave and can do. But, in common monopoly will give negative's impact because will evoke diffraction of market in shaped inefficiency production Because no control from industry competitor


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