To be an entrepreneur, you must have 14 dominant characters from entrepreneur what does successes:
1. Momentum and energy. Entrepreneur was known have a momentum and tall energy. They have more working capacity so long and intensive.
2. Self-confident. Entrepreneur that successful have tall self-confident taste. They tend to perceive are able to reach aim that they establish. They even trusting that success shall be beaver.
3. Long term involvement. This constitutes character that differentiates among entrepreneur, pioneer, and effort constructor than promotor or top's artist. Entrepreneurs who build big effort moved to develop effort. They have commitment for project long range and working for goal what do maybe enough forwards.
4. Perception hits money. Money has alone meaning for professional entrepreneur: someway see their achievement number appears deep continual process in builds effort, sticking out, look for again investment effort at the other effort.
5. Troubleshoot with keen. Entrepreneur that successful build effort newing to have level that intens to troubleshoot and wants to settle interference, solving work. They don't be intimidated by difficult situation. In reality, self-confident taste and mirrored optimism by, that confidence thing what do be hard and weight will over.
6. Determining aim. Entrepreneur professional has ability and commitment to determine to the effect self. To the effect they tend tall and against, but it’s such realistic and gets to reach it.
7. Taking middle-of-the-road risk. Entrepreneur that successful lives choose middle-of-the-road and measurable risk which is not undersize for gambler and not oversized for loss. This character constitutes one of ability most necessary for entrepreneur, since gives implication to decision that is taken, to success or its baffled effort.
8. Facing failing. Ability to utilize failing experience as someway studying, to understand your role better that similar in the future is constitute important entrepreneur character, try and fail to constitute a part coherent of studying process. For person what does fear to fail will lose self-improvement motivation that they have?
9. Accepting feedback. Entrepreneur as agent of achievement (High Achiever), really notice their performance. Information or feedback hits their performances constitute to refuse fathom on what does they work.
10. Seize the initiave and looks for person accountability. Entrepreneur that effective to look for and seizing the initiave.
11. Utilizing resource. Entrepreneur that successful will get orientation to get membership or help required just for be reached their goal.
12. Get competition to alone standard rule important to be differentiated among gets competition with other people without clear performance measure, and gets competition with alone standard rule.
13. Internal control position. Entrepreneur realizes that success or baffled is not mere external factor, or open air factor ability controls her. Conspectus factor from them really tall.
14. Tolerance to anxiety and uncertainty. Entrepreneur has more tolerance uncertainty. Contrast if as compared to a professional manager, entrepreneur can live deep level tall one on uncertainty in talks shop, economy, career and security decision.

From 14 characters, where is that you has and you have no? Just you that can answer it...


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