Capitalism and democracy

For the moment, democracy and inseparable capitalism. Nearly each state which have democracy system, will ever be affected capitalism. Capitalism wills be greater because mark sense push of alone democracy, so has big role to economic growth a state.

Essence is capitalism shall be differentiated among capitalism and market economy. Capitalism is not identical with market economy. Even capitalism weapon is market economy, but capitalism force is capital owner behalf that continually gather wealth via accumulation of capital at one particular group. Capitalism bad manners will emerge while owner capital to accentuate its passion with all trick. Since capitalism is history product, therefore capitalism follows history. Upon democracy is scurry, causing government west gives up on charge a large part its people. Government eventuating to make various regulation that push healthy emulation, drawing the line monopoly, and prohibits adverse activity its people.
Faced base logic capitalist economy system is make the point to hasten capital return in shaped capital other intensively and extensive. In other words, can be figured that that capitalist economy growth dynamics lays on capital and investment. For meeting this dynamics, one firm will do production that greatly or produce goods by value added orient.

Of that story, making capitalism as more sympathetic than previous because forced capitalism subject to new place. Functioning government as regulator as on taxes program and government expenditure in order not to wrecks market mechanism. As a capital's regime, capitalism has ideology and logic system that most pattern on never ending circuit of capital accumulation. Agent economizing to utilize its capital to produce goods get greater capital. In modern capitalist system, all that was done by utilizes maximal ala investment credit of bank. Prospect matter this subjective democracy and dependent capitalism on that centralities capital's prospect alone.


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