Obama, and his economic policy

Barrack Obama was official being inaugurated as President Of 44th America. USA'S citizen own hopes Obama aptly does changing appropriate what already it campaigns before. Middle east no matter, are not also USA'S soldier problem at Iraq and also Guantanamo's Jail problem that becomes to priorities Obama's main now, but USA'S economy problem, one that in it concern economy stimulus and field uncovering talks shop new.
Promising Umpteen following remedial Economic Obama:

1. Applying windfall profit's taxes to oil company.

2. Giving credit business units returnable taxes as big as US$ 3.000.

3. Giving US$250 thousand for equipment and property utility to erase small enterprise expenditure.

4. Fund for the price US$25 milliard for infrastructure.

5. US$25'S fund milliard for part state.

6. US$50'S fund milliard to help automotive industry.

7. Abolishing income tax on small enterprise.

8. Mark sense moratorium to lady of the house that wants to pay mortgage.

9. Watering down pensioner in take pension money.

10. Watering down mortgage restructuring.

11. Pruned taxes on individual's employ and USA family.

12. Withholding for initiating new economy.

13. working through NAFTA.

Obama sees once to growth economic growth that ranging down is first priority deep 100 its governance days. Now Obama stands up with policy-making be be busy to create Lents fund to package stimuli for the price $825 milliards and successful lobbies that fund was added by $350 milliard again. So we just wait if obama will successful going its economy program with success.

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