Supervisor is a manager on first level from management, and accepts job activity result and straightforward routine reporting of executor or clerk in an organizational unit. Supervisor shall have special skill which is:
Inform what does be wanted management to staff executor and informing what does be wanted executor clerk to its manager and as mediator among clerk and management to be able to commutes information.
Ability in empower subordinate via more authority the huge application, so they perceive more can and motivated. E.g., delegating authority to abilities appropriate subordinate, giving trust to subordinate, giving chance to subordinate to take a decision deep given task working out.
Managing people and change
Constituting ability brings off subordinate and change to reach to the effect, according to vision, mission, and firm strategy. This activity ranges
1. Making program and clear job target for its subordinate.
2. According to mission and firm vision brings off and develop subordinate, that effective in achieving organization target
3. Bring off changing to increase optimal performance.
4. Bringing off coaching and counseling to increase moral, effectiveness and work productivity.
5. Monitoring subordinate works program performing precisely.
6. Giving work in point with target, responsibility and clear deadline.
Business awareness
Constituting ability to understand its role in businesses intent attainment corporate. E.g.:
1. Understanding mission, vision, strategy, and firm target and divisions allocable contribution its job.
2. Understanding another job division relevance in achieving corporate business aim.
3. Showing role to revenue enhancement and efficiency and cost effectiveness.
4. Following business field developing that covers market, competitor and also trend carries on business.
5. Taking into account business risk in each action.
Organizational awareness
Constituting ability utilizes its science to understand about situation and organization culture, so gets identifying and anticipates decision impact that is taken to side any other. This activity ranges:
1. Doing coordination with other division in task working out
2. Utilizing corporate culture in solves about problem
3. Utilizing wisdom and organization system to troubleshoot faced one.
Interpersonal relationship
Constituting ability develops sensitivity, attitude and yen and feel in gets interaction with side other. Its example is point out enthusiasm while gets communication with other people, and opened to have others said.
Decision making
Constituting ability takes a decision by evaluate information and another judgment, analyzing its jeopardy, utilized chooses best alternative one is needed at a particular time. Its example is take a decision to base cost and benefit's analysis.
Develop and builds that team solid, giving attention on highlight that done by clerk and helping solves about problem aught, teach and coaches that clerk skill and ability increases.
Problem solving skills
Constituting ability to identify specific work problem at a swoop its cause, making formulation and does its resolving application. Its example is identifying emerging problem, reducing interference and search the solution.
Persuasive skills
Developing persuasive behavior than focusing on power that its proprietary. More pleasing do approaching by makes sure, regard than by threatens or force clerk do something.


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