Project management definition that gave by severally pro:
a. “Planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling resource operation solve target and to the effect already being established ” (H. kerzner).
b. “Effort plots, organizing, leading, coordinating at rice and keeps company activity in project in such a way face so according to time and budget schedule already been established ” (Prof. Dr.
Sukanto Reksohadiprodjo, M. Com.).
c. “Art and knowledge in coordinating man, equipment, significant, money and schedule to solve a timely given project and deep agreed cost bounds ” (Garold D. Oberlender).

By points to definition that gave by pro and downing of two its compiler words, therefore Project Management savvy can be concluded as:
“Process that utilizes to methodic knowledge and art to apply management functions on project so project management gets to be solved by result that accomplish specified specification (Q quality & scope ), in cost bounds (C ) and time (T ) already been established, with resource exploit effectively and efficient ”

More Project management accentuates on how the parties that is mixed up in project performing solve its task. In this case, planning process and project organizing, monitoring and supportive resource flow management project performing becomes main attention.
In achieving that target, the world knows three project management levels: Management Project Mission Management, Project Management, and Field Management. Leveling this was made to differentiate task and respondent interest by the owners, even its have a professional manager title.
Managements main function Project Mission be do management to a project mission, so is not mere solve project on time, with circumscribed cost, and quality is equal to.
Managements main function Field be available to manage resource deep operate for knockabout project on level field, so performing plan already been arranged on super ordinate level that regularly, efficient and effective.
More Project management emphasizes on how the parties that is mixed up in project performing solve its task. In this case, planning process and project organizing, monitoring and controlling resource flow management project performing becomes main attention.
Function implementations
Management shall be applied on each step. For activity what does dynamic as well as project, where is intensity and changed fast activity kind, relevance among logistic planning and indispensable operation. Planning and operation will happen along project cycle in shaped operation monitoring planning corrects

1. Project planning
Project planning constituting key of effective project management. Project planning range beginning of defines aim to determine target until with arrange activity and strategy series.
In a general way, project planning ranges many interrelates activity:
• Defining project aim.
• Arranging project target.
• Determining Project Scope.
• Defining project result.
• Determining needful Resource.
• Determining approaching / strategy.
• Determining important success factor

2. Project organization
Known various approaching to design and arranges organization chart. One of amongst those one gets bearing with project activity approaching( contingency approaches ). Base this approaching therefore structure the most fits for pending organization of situated / faced situation by organizational that on particular time. Severally mature organization chart kind it is met in practice project management is: Functional organization, coordinator's organization.

3. project leadership
Graded project of professional man resource that often has never been worked with. Handling situation as it, utilizing concept “conditional’s leadership” from Paul Hersey.

4. Project operation
Because of operation aims that works can performed with every consideration appropriate plan already be established, so project target can apropos reach quality, in cost and time bounds already been established, therefore in planning yielding operation made by basis and indicator third success was made by aspect operation.


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