Transportation management is a activity that executed by transportation or unit in organizational industrial or trade service to moves or transport passenger. Management of a operated goods transportation at one particular manufacturing industry, constituting line accountability because corporate main target that is up to gain of effort satisfy its customer.

In a general way, transportation management faces three main tasks which is:
1. Arranging plan and program to reach to the effect and organization mission all.
2. Increasing productivity and firm performance.
3. Social’s impact and social's accountability to operated transportation.

Transportation management function in industrial manufacturing in a general way is:
1. Plotting, managing and coordinating and administration all kind transportation at exhaustive corporate until gets most management as efficient as maybe good for goods and also passenger transportation to fire an employee.
2. Establishing net-operating cost default, staff's collation and another supporter services.
3. Determining vehicle which match the most for all firm requirement with regard price and economic benefit.
4. Secure that care default, preserve, fixed up. And schedule is abode by so firm vehicle always in condition effective is seen from mechanical repair facet it.

In manufacturing industry also available duty assignment which shall be done by transportation management for example:
1. providing vehicle to transport industrial result goods to consumer or customer
2. nurse and fixing all vehicle
3. restraining spares part tribal buy, fuel, and oil

transportation management objectives in industrial is give intern's service that satisfy customer and cost that visually been charged against customer is fairly or not laid it on thick. Of explanation upon, target in a manufacturing business gets to be divided:
1. up to efficient tall operational
2. up to care default
3. up to organizes healthy

type and organization chart in logistic transportation usually subtracted prepared with every consideration and often been arranged problem regardless that will be faced so organization itself responsible reducing because transportation part worked by the other parts.

To render 4 service product functions transportations (safe, order and apple-pie order, cozy, economic), transportation management function for corporate transportation in a general way is:
1. plotting capacity and fleet amount
2. plotting route network, pass by, route and vehicle departure schedule
3. managing performing operate for fleet and vehicle body
4. pet and fix fleet
5. Plot and restraining financially etc..

Target and task that shall be reached deep company transportation to render transportation product function is:
1. securing safe transportation and secures passenger safety.
2. securing transportation operation that order and apple-pie order
3. up to efficiency transportation operations.


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