Nearly we may not get to result money without have capital or money to launch forth because to launch forth have to need capital. But if I am brought up on condition creating money without money , in the meaning have no cowries or capital in launches forth, therefore capital to launch forth me am capital think, knowledge, and science.
One of the ways that we can result money without money but utilize capital that I above have are with make effort or business plan proposal for then are proposed to capital owner or investor, where is our following will get position as owner or investor effort and one owner our effort as investor that give capital or investor who will get a part gain. In this case we don't utilize our own money but utilize seed money of others, so we carry on to carry on business others with capital our currently one have, which is think, knowledge and science.
Money that we gets will come from business that we runs that, and can utilize production sharing system where gain that is gotten will be divided among us, going person carries on business by capital or investor owner. Its outgrows division gain result depend with agreement already agreed, can 50 - 50, 60 - 40, or 70 - 30 pending deals.
For the example, i will propose restaurant business effort, therefore we will mobilize all capital that we have which is think, knowledge and science for can block out effort that as lovely as and as fledged as maybe so in the end business plan which we interesting can give a damn investor to give capital on our to carry on that business. Then takes example by acquired gain of this business is as big as 10million rupiahs every month, and profit sharing already agreed 50 – 50, therefore that money that we gets is as big as 5million rupiahs each every month. With that money, we gets we can do pay installment investor capital return and finally by degrees that effort wills be ours undivided and gain that is gotten will have us utterly. On eventually we can result money without have money or capital for going an effort.


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